What is Copywriting?

Business copywriting, simply put, is the action of writing copy for websites, blog posts, brochures, social media posts, infographics, or any other platform where the written word is the primary tool in driving your potential customer’s next step.

Powerful copywriting is the foundation of your brand. In a digital world, you have mere moments to capture the attention of your potential customers, making your business copywriting paramount in growing your company.

Powerful Copy Builds or Breaks Brands

Is your web copy enough to capture the lead? Is your social media copy enough to ‘stop the scroll?’ The job of your business’ copy is to establish authority in your field, build trust, and grow your audience. No matter what niche your business fills, every single business on Earth uses copy in some capacity. The difference between success and stagnation is how your copy is crafted and how your audience responds once you’ve captured their attention.

Learn How to Create Powerful, Results-Driven Copy

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