Blog Ideas for Pet Stores

With nearly 40% of US households containing canine companions, pet supplies are a routine expense for many families. Whether they are purchasing food, supplements, treats, or toys, pet owners are looking to your pet store for guidance. Build a stronger relationship with your clientele by implementing these blog ideas for pet stores on your website. 

Blog Ideas for Pet Stores

Pet parents, particularly those who are new to the role, frequently take to the web to research recommendations. Increase your in-store and online sales by utilizing a blog linked to your store’s professional website.

Consider using these informative blog post ideas for pet stores: 

  • Staff recommendations: Everyone loves to purchase products that they know are tried-and-true. Poll your staff and create a blog post highlighting the pet supplies they enjoy using on their own critters.
  • Grooming 101: Maintaining an animal’s haircoat, feathers, or scales can be a challenge. Educate pet owners on the basics of grooming for a variety of different species. Use this as an opportunity to recommend various products to aid in grooming at home or offer the pet store’s grooming services for those who are not confident enough to attempt it. 
  • Pocket pet nutrition: A significant number of exotic pocket pets suffer from ailments secondary to malnutrition. Ensure that the owners of these small critters are well versed in appropriate husbandry by providing this information on your blog. Also indicate which must be supplemented with vitamins and be sure to link recommended products. 

What if I don’t Know How to Write a Blog

Enlisting a professional copywriting agency or freelancer to handle your online blog will allow you to commit your energy to serving your business. An agency’s experienced writers, strong knowledge of search engine optimization, and keyword strategies will boost traffic to your pet store’s website. 

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