Blog Ideas for Etsy Sellers

In search of fresh blog ideas for Etsy sellers? Looking to have more customers? Keeping a regular blog lets you have a more personal reach with your audience. Blogs let your customers know who YOU are as a seller. 

Blog Ideas for Etsy Sellers

Writing a blog gives your potential customers an all-encompassing view of what you can offer. 

Take a peek at these blog ideas for your Etsy shop:

  • Small Shop, Big Stories: Etsy is a unique place for small business owners’ handmade goodies. That doesn’t mean that your story is! Your blog is the perfect way to share your roots and beginnings as a business owner. 
  • Fresh Finds: Attract customers by featuring new items available in your shop. We love to see what’s new and in-season. Your blog is a great way to draw people in.
  • Pinterest Pegs: Customers love to see how they can use the stuff! Describing your blog on how to style or what goes well with your products is a sure way to keep customers on the lookout. Think of this as a ‘when-worn’ photo of clothes you browse online; seeing the clothes worn by an actual person is easily way more attractive than seeing a picture of a blouse on a hanger.
  • Collaboration Capsules: Working with a specific artist? Show what you got by introducing your artist, how you came to collaborate, and how this particular artist complements your brand. 

A Blog Increases Your Rank (online and in the opinions of your customers)

It is essential that your blog is fresh, personal, and salable. Need more blogging tips? Let us know!

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