Blog Ideas for Doulas

Before any significant life event, an extensive internet search is inevitable, and childbirth is no exception. Utilizing informative blog ideas for doulas can serve you by guiding potential clients to your professional website. 

Blog Ideas for Doulas

Continue reading for a sample of engaging blog ideas for doulas.  

  • Why every mom-to-be needs a doula: Many future mothers are not familiar with the benefits of having a doula. Highlight the duties and significance of your profession for those who are unaware of the role.
  •  Establishing the “delivery party”: Expecting mothers may find it challenging to deliver the news to a pesky relative or friend who is not invited to the delivery. Share strategies for conquering this conversation and emphasize having a doula act as a potential delivery room bouncer.
  • Unique delivery locations: Have you assisted with a birth in a tub? Bed? Couch? Perhaps a garden? Unconventional mothers-to-be are always seeking unique yet safe settings for the big day. Discuss what works and which should be crossed off the list.
  •  Prevent vaginal tearing: A sensitive yet critical topic, many women are eager to understand how to protect their bodies during childbirth. Use your expertise to educate on ways to avoid vaginal tearing. 

Let us know if you use any of these blog ideas for doulas and if they work for you!

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