Blog Ideas for Welders

Why rely on word of mouth alone when you can use the World Wide Web to promote your welding business? Establish an online blog to build trust with your current clients and enlist new customers, both of which can aid in increasing your earnings. We have assembled a list of blog ideas for welders that are sure to attract attention.  

Blog Ideas for Welders

Showcase your knowledge and skills through informational articles. Continue reading for a number of unique blog ideas for welders: 

  • When to hire a professional welder: When a DIY project fails, you are there to help pick up the pieces (and weld them back together). Create a blog post to offer guidance on a popular yet simple task, and advise when it is time to bring in a professional.
  • Best welding accessories: Do you have a favorite brand of welding helmet? Perhaps you highly recommend a pair of gloves, pliers, clamps, or a wire brush? Write a blog piece about your go-to welding items.  
  • Welding safety: Welding can be a dangerous craft if proper precautions are not demonstrated. Indicate how to safely prepare for welding in order to avoid injury.
  • Welding materials: Demonstrate your knowledge by educating readers on the different types of materials that you work with. Emphasize the need to apply appropriate skills when operating with each metal. Which do you prefer to use and why?
  • Women welders: Although women only make up 15% of the welding labor force as of 2020, this is a significant 7% increase from 2013. If you yourself are a welding woman, use this opportunity to discuss the rise of female welders in a historically male-dominated industry.  

Why You Should Definitely Have a Blog for Your Welding Company

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